Quality Control

With almost zero weight variation and a special manufacturing process, IOMIC Grips are produced with extreme efficiency that delivers an exceptional product every time.

IOMIC grips are manufactured with the highest quality control available, and our in-depth research has helped lead to technology to manufacture grips with almost no weight variation, something other grip manufacturers cannot say.

The technology used in manufacturing IOMIC grips is different from ordinary rubber grip production. We call it “INJECTION MANUFACTURING.” This method, which creates each grip by injecting it into a mold at a high temperature (200 degrees Celsius), produces a finished product with minimal weight variation (±0.5g). Rubber grips need to have their surface scraped after taking out from a mold, and tend to have a higher margin of error in weight. The “injection” method requires no scraping.

When you look at a rubber grip through a microscope, you can see innumerable air holes like a sponge. An IOMIC grip through a microscope looks like a tightly wrung out sponge, visually showing how its friction-resistance-ratio and water-suction ability are high.

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